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Wellness tretmani

House rules Observe the written and unwritten rules

Please, come 10 minutes earlier in order to prepare yourself for the treatment. If you are late, your treatment may be cut short or put off for another time. Please, do not bring valuables with you. In order to get the best of treatment, express your wishes to the therapist (music volume, massage intensity, conversation or silence during the treatment…).

We strongly advise you to book the treatments in advance, o that we can ensure the desired time. Please, leave a number where you can be reached. When making the booking, please notify the staff about possible issues (medical or likewise) or wishes regarding the treatment (a particular therapist, male, female, etc…)

Please, avoid cancellation. However, if cancelation is absolutely necessary, please do it in advance.

All services are to be paid after having completed the treatment (in cash / Kuna or with credit cards). Tips are not included in the treatment price. They are given voluntarily to the employee you wish to tip.

We advise you either to leave your mobile phone at home or to put it on silent or turn it off while in the Centre so that neither you nor other clients would be disturbed while relaxing.

When in the Spa Relax Zone or by the swimming pool, please, wear plastic slippers. They can be purchased at the reception. Wear sports clothing and footwear for fitness. Wear sports clothing for Thai massage. For other treatments you will be provided a bath robe at the reception.

If you want to give your loved ones something unforgettable, treat them to a wellness treatment in form of a tastefully designed gift card. Beauty care products for home use can be purchased at the reception.

  • a meal just before coming to wellness
  • depilation (can cause skin irritation)
  • perfumes (because of allergic reactions)
  • Do not unnecessarily leave the water running and the lights on.
  • Use plastic glasses economically and dispose of them and of other waste in garbage cans.
  • Respecting the nature is part of each wellness experience.
  • Read the Spa Relax Zone House Rules. Before entering the sauna or using the whirlpool, taking a shower is mandatory.
  • Take your time, spend at least two hours in the sauna. SPA RELAX ZONE is a zone without swimsuits! Take off your clothes and jewelry, put on your robe and only take a towel. Wear plastic slippers, but take them off before entering the sauna.
  • Thoroughly wash your face, take a shower and dry yourself with a towel (this will enable proper perspiration). If your feet are cold, warm them in a Kneipp bath with hot water. We recommend using saunas with lower temperature and sitting on lower banks in saunas prior to subjecting yourself to higher temperatures (Lakonium).
  • When visiting the sauna for the first time, do not use it longer than 10 minutes. When entering the sauna, close the door swiftly to prevent cold air from getting in. Spread out your towel and sit / lie down.
  • When using the Turkish sauna, first wash your seat with water. Before leaving, sit in the upright position for two minutes (so that the body can establish regular blood pressure).
  • After leaving the sauna, rinse the sweat off first with lukewarm water (without shampoo or soap) and then with cold water. Rest for 20 minutes and then repeat the process of using the sauna for as many times as you wish. Finish your visit to saunas in a sauna with lower temperature. Finally, relax in the whirlpool (just before using it, take a shower for hygienic reasons). While resting, drink water, juice, tea… Eat some fruit to regulate the level of calcium in the body. To make up for the loss of magnesium, eat green vegetables. Eat something salty later. Before leaving the Spa Relax Zone, cool down to a point when you do not sweat anymore.
  • After using the sauna, the skin is perfectly prepared for massages, beauty care treatments or solarium.
  • respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma)
  • skin diseases (acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis)
  • sports injuries (strained muscles, tendons)
  • heart conditions, venous diseases and post-cardiac arrest state
  • poor blood supply and high blood pressure
  • diseases causing weight loss (tuberculosis, cancer…)
  • acute diseases (contagious diseases, elevated sedimentation rate, fever, inflammation, flu, rheumatic pain)
  • diseases with seizures (epilepsy, cramps)
  • varicose veins. If this is the case, there are special rules to obey: legs and feet must be held in an elevated position in saunas; after leaving the sauna, keep moving and avoid sitting or standing.

Do not visit the sauna if you have consumed alcohol!