• You do not feel well and want to improve your health with diet?
  • You are not sure if your diet provides adequate amounts of nutrients?
  • You want to lose weight?
  • You are not sure how to change everyday diet?
  • You are not sure which foods to consume?


  • talk about biorhythms of life, current problems, gaining knowledge about what causes a problem and pointing out mistakes that we do (counseling session with Marina Njegovan, prof.)
  • All recommendations of a nutrition technologist will be provided in writing, along with a dietary plan on daily and weekly basis which will be adapted to your needs (dr.sc. Martina Linarić, dipl. ing. nutritionist)
  • A nutritionist will also recommend keeping a dietary diary.

Nutrition counseling

100 kn

Creation of dietary plan

250 kn

Psychological counseling

200 kn

Nutrition + psychological counseling

250 kn